Jelly & Keegs


This is just video of Jess and I from a few summers ago... felt like throwing it up on the blog.

I don't know if anyone will be able to get to this without adding me to facebook, but it's one of my favourite things to watch. I hope everyone else has as much fun with their best friends...


Why me?

My best friend and I play this game where we list off things that we're thankful for, that we normally wouldn't think about on a day to day basis. Like, "I'm thankful I didn't lose a leg in a boating accident", or "I'm thankful my sister wasn't born with a rare blood disease", or even simply, "I'm thankful for that ham sandwich yesterday".

In the past it would never have occured to me that under different circumstances, yes I could have lost a leg or been born with a disease. Some people don't get to live in the conventional world of having 4 limbs and healthy babies. Some people don't even get ham sandwiches. The game started out as a way to try and one up each other, who could think of the most outrageous, unconventional thing to be thankful for. Now though, when we hang up the phone or click the little red "x" box and end our game, I am left thinking about how damn lucky I am. My problems seem small and petty. So when I ask, "why me?" it's not in the context of "why are these terrible things happening to me?", it's, "why was I chosen to have all these wonderful things in my life?".

Why do I get to know who both of my parents are and have them live together in a warm, safe house? Why do I get to go to school and have opportunities to work and play and say whatever I want to say? Why do I get to have friends who love me for who I am? Why do I get to walk to the fridge and have what I want, when I want? Such simple things that are overlooked. Why me? Why do people all over the planet have to live in a world of poverty and hunger and disease and oppression, and I get everything they don't? Why me?

So next time something in your life goes wrong, and you start to think, "why me?", do a 180, and really think... "why me?"

I am thankful I can read and write.
I am thankful I can walk down my street at night and feel safe.
I am thankful I can tell my mom and dad when I need their help and I know they will be there for me.
I am thankful I don't spend hours of my life in hospitals.
I am thankful I can breathe easy.
I am thankful I got to take 2 stained glass art classes.
I am thankful I can express what I'm feeling in my own way.
I am thankful someone might read this.